Miscellaneous Issue

Volume 2, Number 1, June 2016

Edited by

Lioba Lenhart & Susan Reynolds Whyte

Editorial Note by Lioba Lenhart, JPSS Editor-in-Chief

Beyond Dichotomies – Complexifying Intergenerational Debates and Discourses on the Post-War Society in Northern Uganda by Julia Vorhölter

Rebel Kinship and Love within the Lord’s Resistance Army by Sam Dubal

Post-war Development and Camp-site Graves: The Politics of Reburials in former Pabbo IDP Camp, Acholiland by Ina Rehema Jahn

Ambivalent Places of Memory: Mass Graves in Teso by Anne Wermbter

Kasubi Tombs: Reconstruction of a World Heritage Site in Uganda by Clara Himmelheber

Research Note:

Paula Hirsch Foster: Anthropology and Land Tensions in Acholiland, 1954-1958 by Martha Lagace

Notes on Contributors