Mental Health in Post-war Northern Uganda

Volume 2, Number 2, August 2016, Special Issue

Guest Editors:

Lioba Lenhart & Susan Reynolds Whyte

Editorial Note by Lioba Lenhart, JPSS Editor

Lioba Lenhart, JPSS Editor

Mental Health in Post-war Northern Uganda: Introduction by Lioba Lenhart & Susan Reynolds Whyte, Guest Editors

Mental Health Perceptions and Human Rights in Post-conflict Northern Uganda by Kamila Krygier

Measuring PTSD: Circumstances, the Language of PTSD, and Prolonged States of Disorder in Northern Uganda by Sung-Joon Park

Forgiveness: Psychodynamic Considerations and Their Implications by Adrian Sutton

Ambiguous Void: Experiences of Loss among Families of the Missing Abductees in Northern Uganda by Kamilla Bjørkøe Jensen & Mia Jess

The Quest for Treatment. The Violated Body of Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda by Karin van Bemmel

Notes on Contributors